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Last year alone, Xperience Health completed nearly 110,000 Comprehensive Medical Reviews (CMR) on behalf of many health plans including some of the largest in the United States. These companies, despite enormous corporate resources and exhaustive planning in anticipation of CMS changes, annually cannot meet CMS requirements cost effectively without outsourcing CMRs. The moral of this story? Expert predicting is only an educated guess. You must have a back-up plan. The back-up plan for many U.S health plans is Xperience Health.

Why have they used us for years? We have a history of making bottom lines better while uncomplicating the CMR process. We deliver services allowing you to reach a higher percentage of targeted beneficiaries at a level difficult to achieve in-house. We do that while maintaining your exacting inhouse customer quality standards.

Let Xperience Health start working now to make your bottom line better.


Uncomplicate your CMR process.

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