Last year alone, we completed nearly 110,000 Comprehensive Medical Reviews (CMR)
for many of the largest health plans in the U.S.


In 2009, Xperience Health’s founders noticed the healthplan industry’s need for technology specific to MTM. We then conceived and implemented some of the earliest large-scale IT infrastructure for MTM systems. As work progressed, highly efficient ways to remotely conduct CMRs were developed. We trained hand-picked Pharmacists how to use our techniques in 2011.

As we refined our processes to insure a high quality CMR, remarkably cost-saving efficiencies were revealed. Those processes allow us to reach a very high percentage of eligible patients. Our clients measure their own in-house capabilities and ROI against what we have delivered for them.


Uncomplicate your CMR process.

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It is a given in our industry that the CMS continuously changes its requirements. The percentage of CMRs required for compliance is set to increase dramatically. Are you ready?

We know your company is in the planning stage for those increases. Part of that preparation should be talking with Xperience Health now — before CMS releases its next wave of requirements. Want to find out how much labor and cost we can save you on MTM?

Xperience Health can help you meet your current and increased CMR demand by quickly implementing the services you need. We offer:

  • 100+ licensed pharmacists trained in MTM (Medication Therapy Management)
  • All Call Center functions
  • Fast, integrated fulfillment
  • Software that captures member interactions
  • Secure data management
  • Quality management systems
  • Program management
  • Customizable real-time reporting
  • Doing what it takes to meet or exceed your CMR completion goals, GUARANTEED!


We know doing CMRs is cyclic, so we can help you painlessly scale up with short notice. What we offer is completely turnkey.  You give us your patient data with or without the criteria you use to determine your targeted beneficiaries. We take it from there. We will:

  • Determine beneficiaries that meet your target requirements
  • Represent your company as we call each of these targets
  • Complete a thorough CMS approved CMR of the percentage of eligible beneficiaries that you specify
  • Mail out hardcopy letters in CMS approved format
  • Issue daily follow up reports on the beneficiaries completed, those missed, and those who declined services. This level of transparency is exceedingly rare among MTM providers.
  • Give you a complete breakdown of how your patient base is responding to your MTM program

And, we still guarantee to meet or exceed your CMR completion goals!

When we handle CMRs, our clients costs are often considerably lowered. We are usually more economical than their in-house CMRs without sacrificing member satisfaction or clinical quality. Call us today to find out how we can do this for you.




Last year alone, Xperience Health completed nearly 110,000 Comprehensive Medical Reviews (CMR) on behalf of many health plans including some of the largest in the United States. These companies, despite enormous corporate resources and exhaustive planning in anticipation of CMS changes, annually cannot meet CMS requirements cost effectively without outsourcing CMRs. The moral of this story? Expert predicting is only an educated guess. You must have a back-up plan. The back-up plan for many U.S health plans is Xperience Health.

Why have they used us for years? We have a history of making bottom lines better while uncomplicating the CMR process. We deliver services allowing you to reach a higher percentage of targeted beneficiaries at a level difficult to achieve in-house. We do that while maintaining your exacting inhouse customer quality standards.

Let Xperience Health start working now to make your bottom line better.


Xperience Health specializes in MTM. Our people are experts laser focused on MTM and only MTM. We devote all our time, without distraction, to constantly honing our systems. That lack of distraction lets us to nimbly adapt to changing CMS demands and requirements. It lets us give remarkable cost-savings to our clients. It lets us work at a level and pace impossible for health plans to replicate.

How do we do this? Xperience Health’s To Do list is short. A health plan’s To Do list of services and products can seem endless. Meeting mandatory MTM requirements, deadlines, and delivering cost-effective quality often requires:

  • Re-allocating resources
  • Diverting key personnel
  • Funding, recruiting, training, and managing new-hires
  • Sorting tech problems to adapt to new CMS requirements

Invariably, this occurs at inopportune times. When it happens, your healthplan’s To Do list gets costly, unruly, and creates an unpleasantly complicated work environment. With Xperience Health in your arsenal, the MTM requirements on your To Do list are completed without all the complications associated with new-hires, diluting resources, and diverting key personnel. All the while, we also improve your bottom line.



Our Key Personnel

  • Our chief data scientist has five years as operations officer leading the development of products for Medication Therapy Management and STARS.
  • Our chief of operations is an industrial engineer with process control expertise and a background in Executive Recruiting.  As a former Executive Search Firm owner, he has given us inhouse scalability capabilities that you can only get from a seasoned recruiter.
  • Our nationwide team of 100+ licensed pharmacists are trained in MTM (Medication Therapy Management) and have extensive experience working for four of the largest US health plans.


  • Our IT system architect is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Our management team as a whole has created six sigma, highly optimized processes and technologies giving us maximum capability. 


We are actively recruiting nation wide for Patient Interaction Coaches (PIC) and Licensed Pharmacists. A PIC prepares patients for a periodic Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) done by the Pharmacists. Xperience offers competitive compensation as well as a bonus program for high achievers. Contact us at for more information about working with our top producing program.


Uncomplicate your CMR process.

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